Monday, May 7, 2018

2018 May Gallery Hop

Last Saturday, May 5th, was the May gallery hop. As part of our AICUO Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts competition, the works of some of our nominated students were displayed in the walking exhibition that took place in the Short North.

The Candle Lab on high street, Sharon Weiss Gallery, and Marcia Evans Gallery housed our students' art work. Matt Garret, a student from Kenyon College, had his photographs displayed at the Candle Lab. Gabe Richmond, a student from the University of Rio Grande, had one of his sculptural works displayed at Sharon Weiss Gallery. Cierra DeBold, a student from Capital University, was there with her print work at Marcia Evans Gallery after having just graduated from Capital.
(Cierra DeBold with her piece "When Nature Meets the City")
Overall, the gallery hop was a huge hit, and our nominated artists put on a great walking exhibition. A huge thank you to the galleries who participated and made this event a success.

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