Sculpture Design Contest

The 2016 Sculpture Design Contest!

Image by: Devin Goetz

***Student chosen must be available to work with professional artists, Renate Fackler and Ric Stewart, to create the physical bronze awards at the Cultural Arts Center in Columbus. Designs will be transformed into 4 oz or less of wax (2.5 lbs in bronze) in one of the following shapes: flat tile, leaf, ribbon, or taco shell.***

If you are interested fill out this form to send our way! Thank you and good luck.

Check out previous winning award designs!

2015 Awards, created by Molly Burke, based off 
Design Compeition Winner Alina Hamner's sketches. 

2014 Awards, created by artist Eric Rausch, based off
Design Competition Winner Tracy Cook's sketches.

2013 Awards, created by artist Dave Bowers, based off
Design Competition Winner Meg Leatherman's sketches.

2012 Awards, created by artist Bryan Kossman, based off
Design Competition Winner Hannah Mason-Macklin's sketches.

2011 Award in process, by artist Jesse Mills, based off 
Design Competition Winner Caleb Boller sketches. 

The 2010 Grand Award Design, by artist Linda Diec
was based on a  certain strain of a virus.

The 2009 Award Designs, by local artist Jason Antol,
were based on the human heart.