Monday, May 9, 2016

2016 May Gallery Hop

Megan Nedds has two pieces featured at First Commonwealth Bank

                                                        Katherine Zeilman's featured piece at PM Gallery 

This past Saturday, the Short North hosted it's monthly Gallery Hop. The evening was filled with new gallery exhibitions, music, food, and laughter.  

For the first time in EVA's history, eleven of our student nominees and finalists from eight different institutions were featured at seven different galleries. Hundreds of visitors participated in the walking exhibition as they celebrated our young and talented artists. 

Jennifer Tang's pieces titled "Cecilia and the Satellite" at 
 First Commonwealth Bank

Some of the artists were able to attend and stand with their pieces as they interacted with visitors and answered any questions regarding their art. This was a great opportunity for the artists to gain exposure and experience as the prepare to embark on their professional careers. 

Finalist Jenny Hanf has six pieces at First Commonwealth Bank

Our grand award winner Elmi Ventura Mata has several pieces featured 
at First Commonwealth Bank 

The artwork is for sale and will be up throughout the whole Month of May at the following participating galleries:

First Commonwealth Bank- 647 North High Street
Jenny Half/ Megan Nedds, University of Findlay
Elmi Ventura Mata, Cleveland Institute of Art
Jennifer Tang, Case Western Reserve University

Sharon Weiss Gallery- 20 East Lincoln Street
Jennifer Hall- Otterbein University 

PM Gallery- 1190 North High Street 
Stephanie Parnes/ Katherine Zeilman, Columbus College of Art & Design 

Sherrie Gallerie- 694 North High Street 
Amorelle Jacox, Mount Vernon Nazarene University 

Marcia Evans Gallery- 8 East Lincoln Street 
Emma Daugherty, Ashland University 

Happy Go Lucky- 962 North High Street 
Abby Graber, Bluffton University 

Rivet Design Toy&Art Gallery- 1200 North High Street
Jacob Hansen, University of Dayton 

Jennifer Hall's piece featured at Sharon Weiss Gallery 

Stephanie Parnes at PM Gallery

Amorelle Jacox at Sherrie Gallery 

Jacob Hansen's "Arcade Mini's" at Rivet Design Toy & Art Gallery 

                                                                                             Abby Graber's piece titled "Fearless' is at 
                                                                                                       Happy Go Lucky Boutique 

For more information on participating galleries, artists, and upcoming events, please visit 

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