Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Interview with 2015 EVAs Finalist Lauryn King

Lauryn King, Xavier University
Lauryn King, one of six finalists in the 2015 AICUO Excellence in the Visual Art Awards competition, recently participated in a brief interview. Be sure to check out her portfolio at http://www.aicuoartaward.com/aicuoEVAs15/portfolio.aspx?pID=124!

How have you grown as an artist since coming to college? 

My skill level and concepts have both improved tremendously since attending college.  I have learned many different techniques, such as a Media-Ramic life casting process I utilize most in my work, pursuing art in college has made me realize that my work does not have to be limited to only a few mediums.  Coming to college for art has forced me to create work on what I know best. This has forced me to find ways to deal with past traumas and living a life plagued with mental illness.  This has forced my art to become an outlet for pain, both my own and others.  I primarily make this art for the connection others see in it. College has given me the space and motivation to find my own voice within my art.

What type of art do you look to for inspiration?

I draw inspiration from both sculpture and 2D works.   In sculpture, I gravitate towards a hyper-realistic style of work done by artist such as Tipp Toland, Ron Mueck and Sam Jinks . The movement in Beth Cavener Stichter’s animalistic forms and Matt R. Martin’s figurative forms also inspires me. 

What is your favorite piece within the portfolio you submitted to AICUO and why?

My favorite piece is titled Empty for several reasons.  I love the way the negative and positive space leads the viewer’s eye throughout the entire piece.  Conceptually the piece is talking about trying to hold oneself together.  Almost everyone has experienced some sort of hardship or pain in their lives, which has made them feel as if they were falling apart. The sweatshirt is the comforting tool,  which keeps the piece (person) together. 

How has participating in this competition helped you develop as a professional artist?

This competition has helped me put together a professional portfolio.  Through my participation, I learned how to photograph my work and to edit the images to meet the criteria.  This competition has also compelled me to put the emotions and thoughts behind my pieces into words. 

What are your plans after graduation with the arts?

I intend to experience many different residencies and assistant-ships.  I will relocate in order to immerse myself into different artistic communities, so I can learn new and different techniques that I will be able to incorporate into my own work.  I plan on creating art and learning new processes as much as I am physically capable of doing.

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