Monday, March 16, 2015

Interview with 2015 EVAs Finalist Catherine Stanley

Catherine Stanley, Cleveland Institute of Art
Catherine Stanley, one of six finalists in the 2015 AICUO Excellence in the Visual Art Awards competition, recently participated in a brief interview. Be sure to check out her portfolio at!

How have you grown as an artist since coming to college?
Before I came to college I was not sure what I wanted to do as an artist and was unsure how I could find a job that used my skills. When I found out about scientific illustration at my college I was so intrigued by it because it combined my love for science and art. Being in college has helped me find a focus with my art and has helped me to find lots of different ways to use my skills as an artist. 
What type of art do you look to for inspiration?
I read a lot of research papers and non-fiction text when I am working on my projects and within those texts there are sometimes beautiful illustrations of complex topics which I find really inspiring. I also have found it inspiring to look at old botanical, medical, and scientific illustrations that were created in traditional mediums. Another source of inspiration for me is microscope and macro photographs of nature, I love being able to see things in a different way. 

What is your favorite piece within the portfolio you submitted to AICUO and why?
My favorite piece in my portfolio would have to be my illustration of a surgical procedure for a patient with Chron’s disease that I created after having the opportunity to observe the surgery being performed. It’s hard to describe how beautiful and amazing it is to see the anatomy of a living person and to know that the procedure being performed is going to greatly improve that person’s life. I have friends and family who suffer from Chron’s disease so it also meant a lot to me to see the actual effects of the disease and how it could be treated. I loved figuring out how to accurately illustrate the procedure and being able to share this knowledge. The whole experience just really spoke to what I want to accomplish as an artist, helping others through my work.  

How has participating in this competition helped you develop as a professional artist?
Participating in this competition has helped me to put together a really great portfolio that I know will be extremely useful as a professional artist. The competition has also helped me to gain recognition as an artist and that opens up a lot of opportunities. 

What are your plans after graduation with the arts?
After graduating I would like to find work in a scientific related institution or corporation where I can use my skills best. It would be amazing to be working specifically at a hospital or museum but I am really open to going anywhere as long as I can continue to help others with my work. In the future I would love to become a certified medical illustration and to further my education in the sciences with a master’s degree. 

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  1. Well written article. It is nice to know what inspires a person. Sometimes when we look at a illustration we do not know what was in the mind of the artist.