Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Interview with 2014 Finalist Chloe McEldowney

How have you grown as an artist since coming to college?

I’ve learned to embrace the process. Coming into college, I always had a set ideas of what a piece should look like at the end. I struggled immensely trying to get exactly what was in my head onto the surface. Over the years, I’ve learned to appreciate the accidents that happen during the painting process. Often, those mistakes are more beautiful than what I had intended.

What type of art do you look to for inspiration?

Being a figurative artist, it is pretty obvious that I would look at figurative art as an inspiration. However, my curiosity does not stop there. I look at all forms of art for inspiration – and all aspects of life for that matter. Just the other day, I was walking through the grocery store and something was spilled in the aisle. I remember thinking, “that is such a beautiful color, I need to use that color.” I don’t know if it was mud, vomit, or smashed produce – either way, it brought me inspiration.

How has participating in this competition helped you develop as a professional artist?

I’ve made a lot of contacts through this competition that I am entirely grateful for. Also, speaking on the artist panel was a great way for me to express my artistic process verbally – which is something I don’t always get to do. Additionally, exhibiting my work at Grid Furnishings has been a wonderful opportunity!

What are your plans after graduation with the arts?

I plan to make art – just keep making art as much art as I can. 

Also check out Chloe's work at Grid Furnishings on June 7th during the Short North Gallery Hop!

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