Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sculpture Design Contest Winner- Bluffton University Student, Meg Leatherman

Our third annual Sculpture Design Contest was a huge success! Thank you to all who participated. We received over 30 entries, more than we have ever received, and we loved reviewing all of the designs. Thank you Bluffton University and all who participated this year. We chose a design entitled, “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder” by Bluffton University student, Meg Leatherman. Our sculptor for the 2013 awards, Dave Bowers, will be producing her design with various wood materials for our People’s Choice Award Winner, Grand Award Winner, and for the AICUO downtown office’s permanent display. The sculptures will be exhibited at the 2013 AICUO EVAs award reception at Denison University this year.

I wanted to know a little more about our design winner, so I asked her a few questions about being a student at Bluffton University.
Meg Leatherman is a junior at Bluffton who majors in Business Administration, with a minor in graphic design. She runs cross country, sings in her school’s choir, and is a Resident Assistant at Bluffton.
Meg is from Hesston, Kansas.

What made you enroll in an art course at Bluffton? What are you
currently learning?
Design 1 is the first prerequisite to graphic design classes. I am learning to effectively use space I am given to fill. We work completely in 2D so I have learned a lot about different media.

Are you interested in pursuing art, as a hobby, or looking for a
creative profession?
I will pursue art as a hobby and I would like to have some creative aspects to my future career. I would ideally like to work in a small non-profit organization as a program director and graphic coordinator.

How did you come up with the design for the 2013 EVAs Awards?
I have seen wood artwork similar to Dave's done by a man in my hometown named Paul Friesen. I thought about the work I had seen him do and I thought about how art was judged and critiqued everyday. I liked the idea of a simple form with one outstanding element. Beauty is seen everywhere by looking into the soul of artwork and people, because the true value lies in the eyes of the creator.

What do you think about the visual arts culture within Ohio? Do you
participate with any art events? Do you think visual arts is important for
the community? How so?
I have very little experience in Ohio, due to the fact that I grew up in Kansas and spent the last year in Colorado. I have not gone to visit any art museums in the area.

I do think that visual art is important to any community. No matter where you are located there are people who want to share their feelings, talents, and thoughts. Some people can only do that through visual art. Each area of the country has unique qualities and is influenced by history, heritage, and experiences. It is powerful to see art that was made in the neighboring city or just down the street. It is a gift from God that we, as humans, are able to imagine and create art.

Come see Meg's designs come alive at our awards reception!

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