Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winterbreak Reads and Sources for Inspiration

It's 12/12/12 and we are still here! So, let's make the best of winter by beating the blues and get into some good reads, go out and look at some artwork, and make some of your own!

Sheilah Wilson, one of our 2013 judges, sent this to me as a senior art major, hoping to inspire us as we go forth into our next semester. It is by William Powhida.

I especially like #1!!! Although our institutions are amazing. Here's another one!

Here are a few good reads that I have looked through this month, if you have some time after the Holidays!
 Drawing from the City by artist Tejubehan. Its gorgeous black-and-white pen-and-ink drawings, brimming with expressive lines and dots somewhere between Yayoi Kusama and Edward Gorey, tell the partly autobiographical, partly escapist tale of this self-taught artist who came of age as a woman trapped between unimaginable poverty and a wildly imaginative inner world in a patriarchal society. Tejubehan takes us on a journey from her small village into the big city, where her poor parents move to find work. Three years pass. Teju is now a young woman and she marries a man who sings for a living. With his encouragement, she becomes an artist.

The Artificial Kingdom is the first book to provide a cultural history of kitsch, an immensely popular aesthetic phenomenon that has always been disdained as "bad taste," or a cheap imitation of art. Proposing instead that kitsch is the product of a larger sensibility of loss, Celeste Olalquiaga shows how it enables the momentary re-creation of experiences that exist only as memories or fantasies. Simultaneously exposing and celebrating this process, Olalquiaga gives us a bold, trenchant analysis of what and how we see when we look at kitsch.

They also have some amazing reads on this New York Times list: tried and true!

Keep in tune over winter break for gallery openings, museum shows, and artist interviews!

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