Thursday, September 22, 2011

Second Round Judge Excited to Judge for a Second Year

A little less than a month ago I went to an art opening at the Ohio Art League, an exhibition called, “Impossible Things”. My friend and roommate was in the exhibition, so while looking at the art work and making small talk I noticed that Stephanie Sypsa was working. Stephanie is OAL’s Gallery Director and 
Organizational Administrator, and was a past judge and will be a judge for us again for the 2012 awards. I hadn’t met her before, but I had just been e-mailing back and fourth with her, like all of our judges. I went over and introduced myself to her and thanked her for being a judge again for 2012. It was really great meeting a judge that I hadn’t met before and to get to talk in person. Stephanie said that she was more than happy to judge again for our competition and that the process was super easy.

Our judges will be updated soon! We have really great first and second round judges lined up!

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