Friday, August 16, 2013

Reception Space 2014! (and other stuff)

Ohio Dominican University for EVAs Reception

This year ODU has generously offered the AICUO their gallery space and facilities for our reception on APRIL 8th in 2014. There will be a student panel as usual along with the awards reception and all the artists work hung in the beautiful gallery space offered by the ODU art department. Be sure to keep checking in for more details

Urban Scrawl 2013

If you are interested in getting in one more arts festival before summer's over go check out the 2013 Urban Scrawl! This is a newer event in Columbus in the Franklinton Arts District, and it takes place on Saturday August 17 from noon to 10pm and Sunday August 18 from noon to 6pm. Utilizing an old warehouse, that is now full of art studios, the event will have food, live local music, and some very talented artists all given several large canvas' to work their magic on. And you get to watch their work come to life! Check it out at 400 W. Rich St. 

Social Media

You all are most likely sick of hearing this but here it is again, check out the rest of our social media to help us get more attention out there! Share with friends and what not.


That's right, it's about that time. Whether you're pumped to go back and see friends or bummed you have to go and live off ramen and do your own laundry again we can't deny that school is starting back up. That being said, if you are a senior at student and interested in our program, ask your art chair about being nominated! Then check out our website at If you want to be a part of the competition but are not yet a senior or an art student, have no fear! Check out the sculpture design part of this very blog to get info on how you could design the awards that will be handed out this year while working alongside a professional Columbus artist.

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