The Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts (EVAs) is the nation’s first intercollegiate online arts competition. It recognizes outstanding students from the art programs at independent colleges and universities in every region of Ohio. Launched in 2008, the EVAs use the Internet as a venue for the competition, providing each nominated student with a permanent online portfolio on the AICUO website. The EVAs reception culminates the competition and the reception includes a student panel, an art exhibition presenting the six award winners, and an awards ceremony.
Senior students, attending our member institutions, who have an exceptional portfolio and artistic drive are nominated by their department chairs or deans. The six finalists are selected by one round of judging, followed by a second round that selects the award winner based on the highest score in that round. The award winner with the highest score is given the Grand Award.  Work from the nominees will be on the AICUO Art Award website during the months of December and January, during which time the public is invited to vote for an individual for the People’s Choice Award. The six award winners present their work at the annual AICUO Award reception. All award winners receive a prize package and the Grand Award winner receives an additional cash award, and they will have a piece of artwork purchased by the AICUO office. 
Every nominated student is provided with a permanent online portfolio that remains on the AICUO Website even after the competition concludes. This competition comes with many opportunities such as building one's portfolio and participation in the Short North Gallery Hop, just to name a few. EVAs greatest mission is to create an opportunity to showcase the fact that there is a future for students in the arts community! 

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