Tuesday, April 2, 2019

People's Choice Winner Q&A

People's Choice Winner Q&A
At this years 2019 EVA reception Emily Fergus from Ohio Northern University won the People's Choice Award. After the reception commenced, we had a quick Q&A with her to get her insights into the art world and this competition...

How did you make your decision to study at your institution?
During my senior year of high school, although my mom has said she always thought I'd end up at ONU. When I came on a tour I immediately felt at home and knew it was the school for me.

When did you realize that you wanted to study the visual arts?
Art was the only thing I was able to study without getting tired of it, and it was the only industry I could really picture myself working in. When I needed to pick a major my freshman year graphic design seemed to fit and I'm grateful I found it!

Has your focus or medium preference shifted since you started? 
I have definitely shifted my focus more to the digital side of design since I started school. Now working in Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects are just as exciting and creative for me as graphite, colored pencil, and photography.

How do you find creative inspirations? 
Since I am a graphic designer I tend to find inspiration wherever I go because design is everywhere! Fun brand identities always jump out to me when I go places and I'm also very inspired by creative typography and pattern. 

What mediums do you like to work with? 
I enjoy creating experiential designs for people to enjoy. Often times I find myself developing application concepts and campaigns to create those experiences.

What does your creation process look like?

My process usually starts with being presented a problem and then doing background research so I understand it better. After that I brainstorm possible solutions, sketch out ideas, and then move into developing a series of roughs before I reach the final product!

Is there any research involved before you start a large project?
Yes, a lot of research! In order to solve a problem you have to get to the root of it so many of my projects require extensive research so I understand it from every angle and can create the most effective solution possible.

What influences your art most?
The medium I'm working in is a big influences on my art. The environment it's placed in, whether it's a print or digital material, and many other factors come into play when I'm deciding how it will fit the concept best.

What concentrations have you explored so far and what type of art would you like to do in the future?
Throughout school I've worked extensively in graphic design and typography, I've also explored photography, painting, drawing, and 3D design. After graduation I'd like to focus more time in photography and developing my skills further.

Did you have a mentor or role model?
I don't have a specific mentor or role model, but I've had a lot of influences. All of my professors, family, and friends have impacted me and my work in different ways. In college and throughout the rest of my life I have always been blessed with teachers and other people who have always encouraged me.

What advice can you give up and coming artists?
Work through your creative blocks and remember that everyone has them! Sometimes you'll have an off project that might drag you down but that doesn't make you any less of an artist.

How do you think winning this award will influence your future art career?
I think this award will encourage me to enter competitions more! The process of the AICUO EVA's was so much fun and it was a great experience to get to meet other artists and participate in a creative space together.

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