Monday, November 23, 2015

The McFadden Art Gallery Exhibit

Untitled by Barbara Drennan
Wren (looking right) by Rosemary Hayne
Seashell by Heather Bryson

Autumn Leaves by Heather Bullach
Salt Marsh 2 by Lynn Digby

Canton, OH. The McFadden Gallery will feature Squared: 5 Artists Working 6 x 6 Inches, from November 9 through January 22. The exhibit features the work of artists Rosemary Hayne, Barbara Drennan, Lynn Digby, Heather Bullach, and Heather Bryson. 

The McFadden Gallery is located on the Malone University campus in the Johnson Center for Worship and the Arts. The gallery is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. through 6 p.m.

This exhibit showcases five area artists who are part of a group that has been meeting regularly for the past two years to discuss art and techniques. Their inspiration for the show came from Oregon artist Carol Marine’s book, Daily Painting, which suggests that artists nurture their creativity by painting small and often. The five artists featured in this show all regularly created works in the same 6x6 inch format over the past year. Yet, a pleasing diversity can be seen in the techniques, including painting in oil and watercolor, drawing in graphite and colored pencil, and styles ranging between realism, expressionism, and abstract. The works are for sale and are affordably priced under $100.

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