Friday, March 28, 2014

Cedarville Student in HOW magazine

A Cedarville Graphic Design student earns recognition in well-known design magazine, HOW magazine.

Amy Reisenweaver a senior from South Charleston, Ohio entered two pieces into the competition, a personal design project, The Insider’s Guide to the Magic Kingdom Booklet, and a promotional pamphlet for the 2013 Junior Senior Banquet held at Cedarville University.

How magazine is an award-winning design magazine for graphic designers. The magazine offers several design competitions each year to give designers a chance to have their work viewed by potential clients.

“I choose the two strongest pieces that I thought I had based on what my professors had said and what I thought best represented my work,” Reisenweaver said.

Reisenweaver said that she heard about the competition over the summer and decided to apply.

“HOW is the most popular graphic design magazine, for graphic designers,” Jackson said. “HOW is very well respected when it comes to design trade publications. So it is a pretty big honor to be in there especially as a student.” “I didn’t think that I had any chance, but I was like, ‘oh I’ll just apply for it,’” Reisenweaver said.

Reisenweaver’s supervisor in the Marketing department, Chad Jackson, said that Reisenweaver is very humble about the honor.

Both of the designs that Reisenweaver submitted were chosen and appear in the March issue of the magazine. She said the honor will help her as she looks for employment after graduation in May.

“Just being able to put that on my resume and say look, I’ve had two pieces gain recognition and respect from a very well-known magazine will help,” Reisenweaver said.
Reisenweaver credits Cedarville with helping her develop the skills she need to enter and win recognition in the magazine.

“For design, part of it is natural abilities and talents and having the mindset for it,” Reisenweaver said. “But a big part of it is having the technical skills and Cedarville has really helped with those.”

After graduating in May, Reisenweaver said she plans on returning to her home state of Florida and then hopes to work for a design firm, but until then she said, “We’ll just see where God takes it.”

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