Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Social Media Boost!

We here at the Association for Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio are currently working on really buffing up our influence in social media. We feel the Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts (EVA's) is such an important event that promotes the artists in our institutions, we want to makes sure everyone knows about it and it's talented participants. That's why we are trying to push our social media harder than ever before! 

We want more Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and Tumblr re-blogs. So be sure to not only follow this blog here on BlogSpot, but on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. And once you've followed us, be sure to tell your friends to do the same! Especially those of you who have participated before, you may catch your name and some of your work on our sites. And for those of you who have work you want to get out there, remember if you message us on Tumblr with your work and your school, we will post it and share on all our sites as well! Lets get the AICUO Award program out there. 

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