Monday, July 8, 2013

Otterbein Art Professor in Show

Otterbein University professor of Art, Nicholas Hill, currently has an exhibit open with longtime friend Queen Brooks. With Hill's guidance, Brooks became accustomed to using a combination of print making and illustration to create several brightly colored lithograph works. Each of the same print, but the coloring of each making them very individual works.

Hill based much of his work off of his trip to New Delhi, India last year. The professor of drawing and printmaking says that the experience showed him a particular band of density that India has to offer. Using many "artifacts" he collected on his trip played a role in his work from bus stubs, to interactions he recorded in his journal at the marketplace. 

For more information about this show and it's works please visit to see the space and the hours. 

 Work in exhibit by Queen Brooks
Work in exhibit by Nicholas Hill

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