Friday, April 6, 2012

Another Successful AICUO Award for Excellence in the Visual Art's Reception!

The AICUO Award for Excellence in Visual Art has had yet another great awards reception! Thank you for all that came to Otterbein University last night, we appreciated all of your support and enjoyed making it possible to reward our winners with a great audience. Congratulations to our winners: Erin McKenna (CCAD), Julio Labra (AAC), Brittany Kunkel (Denison), Taylor Hawkins (CCAD), Kristy Kemper (AAC), and Mayumi Kiefer (Ohio Northern). Thank you for all of your hard work and participation in this competition.
Congratulations Erin McKenna, our 2012 Grand Award Winner!
Congratulations Brittany Kunkel, our 2012 People’s Choice Award Winner!

Takeshi Moro began the evening by moderating our panel of six winners, where we learned about each individual artist; their aspirations, current artwork, influences, and experiences during college. Lauren Zachrich, senior fine arts major at Otterbein University, was very gracious and welcoming as she presented the audience with a tour of the art facilities. Otterbein’s catering was definitely a highlight of the evening. There were many delicious food items to choose from. Thank you Nicholas Hill for setting up the gallery space for AICUO!

During the award ceremony, AICUO’s president, Todd Jones, welcomed and introduced Otterbein President Kathy Krendl, who delighted the audience by creating a warm, impressionable space. Congratulations to Hannah Mason-Macklin, our awards design competition winner. We received many compliments regarding the awards made by local artist Bryan Kossmann, who built Hannah’s design into ceramic artwork. We were very honored to have State Representative and Otterbein University alum Anne Gonzales, representative of the 19th District including areas of Central Ohio, present legislative commendations to the six winners. Thank you to Professor Carrie Olson, Professor Danielle Julian Norton, Professor Luke Sheets, Professor Chris Yates, and Professor Mark Thomas for introducing all of the award winners. We were very pleased to have four senior nominees in attendance; including Carleen Maur, Jerry Lee Waters, Chuck Maxam, and Alli Green. We were also very happy to have a few judges in attendance, including Wynter Whiteside, Tim Friar, Scott Steelman, and Janis Mars Wunderlich.

Although the EVA’s are over, we invite the public to view the six finalist’s pieces in the May 5th AICUO Walking Exhibition as a part of Gallery Hop in the Short North District of High Street. Thank you again for all who supported this competition and participated!

2012 Finalists (Top Left to Right) Taylor Hawkins (CCAD),
Erin McKenna (CCAD), Kristy Kemper (AAC)
(Bottom Left to Right) Mayumi Kiefer (ONU),
Brittany Kunkel (Dennison), Julio Labra (AAC)

2012 Grand Award Winner Erin McKenna (CCAD)
and AICUO President Todd Jones.

Sculpture Design Award Winner Hannah Mason-Macklin (CCAD)
and local artist Bryan Kossmann.

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