Tuesday, December 20, 2011

CCAD President Art Installation

As a student of CCAD, I was of course walking around campus not sure what was going on on the quad. I saw fencing making up wavy shapes. The next day it was even bigger. While grabbing a coffee before a final, I asked the person working our coffee place what was on the quad. She proceeded to tell me it was one of Denny's sculptures. Denny Griffith is CCAD's president and decided to create a sculpture on our quad that would bode well with the surrounding environment and architecture. Before reading this blog post written for the CCAD Blog, I was wondering how cool it would look covered in snow, if it was even going to be up that long. When I ran into the article about the sculpture I was happy to find out that it will be on our campus until spring. If your around Columbus, you should drive by, or stop and look. It's pretty cool! (I'll be sure to post pictures after it's covered in snow!)  

Photo from CCAD Blog. Make sure you check it out! Link above!

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