Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Bit of Advice from Ryan Orewiler

I asked 2011 AICUO second round judge Ryan Orewiler to send me some information about him and his judging process, and here's what he sent me. Whether you're participating in the competition or just looking for some good art advice, you should read what this phenomenal Ohio artist has to say:

Greek Church by Ryan Orewiler

"It is my privilege to be a juror for the AICUO Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts and supporting the development of young emerging artists and the development of the arts in Ohio.

I mainly analyze entries and portfolios (specifically for the AICUO award) based on the use of medium and personal expression. Below are various other elements I look for when selecting artists for this award (in no particular order).

• Present innovative concepts and risk taking

• Show knowledge in using design elements and fundamentals

• The artist’s statement should introduce artist’s intentions with their work, medium, process and direction

• Name of work and or series (simple or unique titles can effect the image of the series or
submitted work)

• Overall presentation of work should be consistent

I look forward to viewing your work and encourage you as an emerging artist to pursue your vision."

If you're interested in seeing some of Ryan's work, check out his official Web site at http://www.ryanorewiler.com/. Thanks for the input, Ryan! I'm sure many nominees will benefit from this chunk of advice.

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