Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Judge's Advice: Marty Kalb

Appalachia by Marty Kalb

Good day, everyone!

Today, we are featuring some advice from second-round judge Marty Kalb. As a fine artist in central Ohio, Marty has featured his work in over 150 one-person and group exhibitions. His teaching experience spans over forty years, most of which was spent in the Fine Arts Department at Ohio Wesleyan, so you better believe that this guy knows his stuff when it comes to art.

Here's what he has to say to developing art students:

1. Students in the visual arts need to be clear in their own minds about what they want their audience to see.

2. Everything in a work needs to be there because it contributes to the work's content and ultimate meaning.

3. Art students need to understand their media.

4. Making art is developing a process rather than the production of products.

5. Presentation is critical because it directs the viewer toward the work's meaning.

6. Art students need to learn how to use the critique process to separate themselves from the connections they have to their work based on ego, thus allowing them to more accurately examine the technical issues that may be inhibiting the more effective communication.

For more information on Marty, and to see some of his gorgeous paintings and drawings, check out his Web site at http://martykalb.com.

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  1. Marty will also be touring in Alaska between November 1-14, 2010, speaking at three different universities. He will be at the University of Alaska Southeast at Juneau, The University of Alaska Anchorage, and the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

    At each school, he will be giving lectures to art history, history, and studio classes. Additionally, at each school, there will be a public lecture for the university and regional communities.

    The public lecture will involve the presentation of his artwork titled "Holocaust Portraits, Victims, Perpetrators Witnesses".

    The art history/history topic is "Images of Tragedy from the 19th Century to the Present".

    The topic for the studio classes will be "Why Make Art About Disturbing Subjects?". He will also conduct studio critique sessions in drawing and painting classes at each university.