The AICUO Arts Coordinator Internship

The AICUO Intern 
As a means to manage the competition, the AICUO Research Foundation hires an intern designated as the AICUO Art Awards Coordinator. This student intern is chosen from a member institution and operates the AICUO Award for one year, while receiving payment and experience for their time dedicated to the program. The AICUO Intern is in charge of planning the reception, coordinating the competition, obtaining grants and sponsorships for the program, and communicating with the executives of AICUO. The intern will be paid at an hourly rate and is required to be present in the AICUO office a minimum of ten hours per week.

The internship provides significant experience in administration, social networking, budgeting, grant writing, and event planning. It also creates opportunities to make connections in the arts community. AICUO would like those who are interested in interning to email resume and cover letter to Stacey Dorr at during the month of January/February, when interviews are completed.  The internship runs from April to May of the following year. AICUO looks for interns that are dedicated, experienced in an office-structured position, and interested in promoting and learning about the art communities of Ohio. 

Previous and Current Interns

Afton Holfinger-Otterbein University 2008/2009
Christine Martin-Denison University 2010
Noel Ang-CCAD 2011
Cindy Ellis-CCAD 2012
Lindsay Martin-Denison University 2013
Matt Soppelsa-Otterbein University 2014
Sean Brewster-Otterbein University 2015
Audrey Vrancken-Otterbein University 2016
Tia Meldrum-Captial University 2017

Tia Meldrum, Capital University '17
Audrey Vrancken, Otterbein University '16

(Left to Right) Tia Meldrum, Audrey Vrancken, and Sean Brewster at the 2016 Reception
Sean Brewster, Otterbein University '15
Matt Soppelsa, Otterbein University '14